Activity Run a Script on a Worker failed with error 'messageEnvelope is null

I am seeing a few fails in my runbooks with the following error. If the run the run book again straight after it will pass.

Any idea what this message means? Is it a network issue, it has happened at the same time the past 2 nights.

Kind Regards,
Micheal Power

Hey @mikepower79,

I have not come across this error before but looking at previous tickets we have had one customer whose tentacle was having the same issue, it doesn’t say whether a re-run helped though. His logs show the same message as you are getting, this would indicate a network issue here.

I am wondering, in the logs for your worker are you seeing similar messages? The worker must be passing health checks as, when you re-run the runbook, the task succeeds. You mentioned you are seeing a few fails in your runbooks, does that indicate multiple runbooks that are having this issue and if so are they all using the same worker?

If it is the same worker it might be worth running a constant tentacle ping on that worker to see if there are any connection dropouts at the time you are running the runbooks. This would help narrow down the issue.

Let me know if you are seeing similar messages in the worker logs and we can go from there.

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Hi @clare.martin,
Thanks for the reply.
I will look into that and get back to you.

Kind Regards,
Micheál Power

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