ActiveDirectory Auth


Fresh install using Active Directory Auth. Once i log in using the AD account i get the following message:
“You do not have permission to perform this action. Please contact your Octopus administrator. Missing permission: EnvironmentView”

This account is a Admin…



Hi Tom,

Thanks for getting in touch! That isn’t good at all. Could you go to the SQL Server database for me, and see how many results are in the Users table?

I’m wondering if we’ve incorrectly matched the username of the user you set Octopus up with (in the wizard) to the user you logged in as in the web UI. If that’s the case, there will be two records in that table, one being an admin and one not.

Could you also browse to:


And share with me the result of that request, plus


That will help to work out what’s going on. Thanks for your patience!

Paul Stovell

Hi Paul,

You are right, there are 2 entries:


Sorry that should of said:
tom at domain dot ocal

Thanks Tom,

Can you delete the Octopus instance, then set it up again, putting in “tom@domain.local” for the username? This should ensure that when you log in you get the right account.


And thanks for letting us know about this issue - we’ll fix it in the next version of Octopus. Sorry for the trouble it caused you!


That fixed it, thanks Paul.