Active Directory Auth from Container

(Toburnett) #1

How do you specify an LDAP server?

I am trying to move to using Octopus server from a container but the issue is there is no way to specify a domain or LDAP endpoint to use for authentication, it just relies on reading that from the server.

In docker there is no way to join a container to Active directory so there is no way for this to work.

Is there a way to specify AD settings like pretty much every other tool under the sun that integrates with LDAP / AD?

(Justin Walsh) #3

Hi @toburnett,

I answered your email as well, but I thought I would post up the response here as well to help anyone else with this question in the future.

Sadly, Octopus uses the domain associate with the user/machine that it is installed upon. As such there’s not mechanism to specify the LDAP/AD server to query. You may have better luck using a different type of external authentication, Such as Azure AD, Okta, or Google Apps here, if they suit your infrastructure.

(Toburnett) #4

Is there some reason why this cant be driven by a config?

This is a deal breaker for my employer who uses AD for everything to simplify user management and telling them to move all their stuff to Azure or Google instead to support this one tool will only result in us looking for a more flexible tool.