Acquire Package from TeamCity Feed

After upgrading to Octopus Deploy 3.13.7 from 3.3.20, I have come across a weird issue.
Every time our TeamCity agent builds an application, it creates a nuget package in the below format.
PackageID.<Version ID>.nupkg with version id being in the following format
This results in the below nuget package.

The problem with Octopus Deploy is that, when sending a request to teamcity to fetch this package it is somehow truncating the 0 in 0523 and sending the request as below.
which results in the below error
Unable to download package XPO.CapacityManagement.UI.1.1.0523.253 from NuGet feed
Everything works fine if I add the truncated 0 to the request i,e

Can you please let me know If there is anything I’m missing in my Octopus Deployment setup or if this is indeed a bug?


Thanks for getting in touch.

Recent versions of NuGet strip leading zeros so we have had some issues in the past. In version 3.13.7 we should be respecting your zeros. I’ve just double checked and packages with leading zeros are downloading from my test TeamCity install.

Could I get some more information about your deployment? Could you send a screenshot of your package step configuration. Also a deployment log with variables written to the log ( when you are attempting to deploy that package would help a lot.