Access extracted directory as a variable?


I have a “WebDirectory” property in my appSettings config, its supposed to map to c:\inetpub…\ (where web.config is located etc).

I can’t see a way to automatically update this property using Variable transforms/replacement in the Variables section of Octopus.

I see was mentioned as being a v1 feature; is this feature available?


Hi Andrew,

Currently this isn’t available, but you can get it from PowerShell via “Resolve-Path .”. For example, this script could be named Deploy.ps1:

$currentDirectory = (resolve-path .)
$configFile = (join-path $currentDirectory "web.config")

$doc = New-Object System.Xml.XmlDocument
$setting = $doc.SelectSingleNode("/configuration/appSettings/add[@key = 'WebDirectory']")
$setting.SetAttribute("value", $currentDirectory)

Hope that helps,


Those interested in this in C# can use System.IO.Directory.GetCurrentDirectory()


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