Abbreviated Markdown release notes render incorrectly [2019.3.5 LTS]

When you display a Release only the first chunk of the release notes are displayed with a ‘SHOW MORE’ option.

The problem is, if a Markdown delimiter starts before the 'SHOW MORE` cutoff, it does not get rendered correctly. You can see the ‘```’ directive here is displayed rather than rendered.

Some Markdown segmentation should problem be used to abbreviate the notes. Or Markdown rendering could be done before abbreviating, maybe simply using CSS to hide the ‘SHOW MORE’ region.

Hi Aaron,

Our usability team has been planning some bigger changes to this page to address some other usability problems that we have been seeing. I’ve passed your feedback on to them to make sure they are aware of this problem as well, and they think their new design will address this.

Thanks for getting in touch and reporting this!


Cheers Tom, this is pretty minor, but if they could add a test case to their new UI for this, that would be great.