A way to disable the "Push Packages to Octopus" step?

Hi All,

This may not be the best place to ask, but is there a way to disable the “Push Packages to Octopus” step in TFS? Our company has used the extension to push packages to the internal Octo repo and create releases on the web portal. However, we are moving away from the internal Octopus repo (to use an external one), and as part of this effort, we would like to remove the “Push Packages to Octopus” step in TFS. Is this possible?




Hi Alex,

Thanks for getting in touch! You can’t modify/remove/disable the steps in the Octopus extension - your team will always be able to try adding a Push Packages to Octopus step to their process. I say try because you may be able to block it’s usage via permissions in Octopus.

If you find the Octopus user account used by TFS, you could configure the resulting set of permissions for that user account so it doesn’t have the BuiltInFeedPush nor BuiltInFeedAdminister permission. Now if anyone tries to use that step in TFS, Octopus will fail explaining the user doesn’t have the right permissions to push packages to Octopus.

Upside: it will work! Downside: it will affect every existing build process immediately, which might be OK in your scenario.

Hope that helps!

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