3.3.0 running scripts from Octopus server for database deployment


Not sure whether I can use this new feature for the task I had in mind.

Currently I have several environments, and the Octopus server has access to the database servers of all environments.

I have SQL management tools installed on the Octopus server.

I would like to move the tenticles from the DB servers onto the Octopus server so that it deploys the Dacpac files to each environment.

The NuGet package includes a set of Dacpacs, and also a deploy.ps1 file which uses Octopus variables to deploy to the relevant environment.

Is it possible to get the task executed from the Octopus server for each environment that the project deploys to?


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m not skilled in DacPac deployments, but according to your description, and if all you need is to execute the process from the Octopus Server (which can talk to your DBs), then it should work.

Give it a try and keep me posted on your progress :slight_smile: