2D navigation problems

(Todd Bryan) #1

Ever since upgrading to v2019.8.3, the 2D navigation seems to be broken. For example, if I click on the Project Switcher, then start a search, hit tab or arrow down to highlight a project, pressing Enter does not take me to that project. It seems that the only way to navigate is by clicking a project with the mouse.

(Tina) #3

Hi Todd,

Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear you’re having this issue.

I have tested and reproduced this behavior in Octopus Versions 2019.6.4 up to v2019.8. To complete the needed detail to enter an issue for this, can you send me the version you upgraded from that allowed you to select the project with keyboard commands?

Thank you!


(Todd Bryan) #4

Is there a table to get the version history from?