2018.3.0 - Access right issue


there’s a bug with access right in version 2018.3.0
A user with eventviewer rights has no accent to release events.

Verification has been done using test permissions features, he’s in the right project.

This bug appears just after the upgrade

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Experiencing the exact same problem.

We rollback to version 2018.2.8 as this bug is impacting our team heavily

We are seeing the same issue. We also rolled back to version 2018.2.8 as well.

Same issue here. Something similar happened several months back. What is ETA for resolution? What is easiest way to rollback?

I had upgraded from 2018.2.8, so I just downloaded that version and installed it on the server. No issues.

Sounds good. We were on 2018.2.6 so it should be relatively similar.


We have also experienced this issue

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We’ve reproduced the problem too: https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/4359

We’ll be shipping a patch as soon as possible to fix this.

Hope that helps!

Hello All,

I’m sorry about that issue, it was my oversight in a fix related to filtering the right events for subscriptions. We’re in the middle of some work making sure we don’t ship permissions regressions like these, so at least this was a learning experience for us. Sorry for the impact this had on your deployments.

We’ve just shipped a patch for the issue in 2018.3.1 and it’s available here: https://octopus.com/downloads/2018.3.1

Do let us know if you have any other issues.


Hi Nick,

Is this the same issue as I’ve just raised here: Removing CertificateView permission causes permission denied error

Are there perhaps other scenarios affected by the same permissions regression?


Hi Ieuan,

Thanks for getting in touch. They are different, I’ll respond with details on the other ticket.


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