Installing Octopus in Windows Server Core

Hi I’m new in using a GUI - less OS so is it advisable to install Octopus in a windows server core ? I read about that it is possible to install it but I need to add some missing Windows Features on the core? So I’m new in this but what specific windows features do I need to manually add to the server core ?

Hi @road!

It is possible to run Octopus on Windows Server Core/Windows server with no desktop experience! Here’s a quick PowerShell command stack that should get you all installed and ready to configure:

#install Chocolatey
iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))
#Install dotnet
choco install --ignoredetectedreboot -y netfx-4.7.2-devpack
#Enable the dot net framework feature
add-windowsfeature Net-Framework-Core
#You will need to reboot after this point
#Install the latest Octopus Deploy
choco install --ignoredetectedreboot -y octopusdeploy 

I hope this helps!

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Hi, this helps Thanks for the quick reply !

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