Dashboard not showing last deployed version

On 10/21 I deployed release 2019.10.18.122 to our Prod environment. on 10/22 I redeployed 2019.10.18.121 to Prod to rollback.

The Dashboard is displaying .122 in the Prod environment:

And the Project page seems to indicate that .122 is the most recent:

So is the intention of the dashboard to simply display the “Newest” package deployed, or is it supposed to display the “Current” package deployed?

Hi there,

I’ve just logged a similar topic; did you queue/schedule the 04:00 deployment of .121 and then go on to deploy .122 manually afterwards? ( the “latest” deployment seems to go by the “Created” column in DeploymentHistory; rather than “CompletedTime”)… in which case I don’t think this is the desired behaviour at all!


You can verify if you have access to the octopus SQL DB (just replace your date, project and environment names in the where clause below):

, dh.Created
, dh.QueueTime
, dh.StartTime
, dh.CompletedTime
FROM [dbo].[Release] r
INNER JOIN [dbo].[DeploymentHistory] dh ON r.Id = dh.ReleaseId
INNER JOIN [dbo].[DeploymentEnvironment] de ON dh.EnvironmentId = de.Id
AND dh.ProjectName LIKE ‘%’
AND de.name LIKE ‘%’ --name of the environment
AND (dh.CompletedTime >‘20191001’ OR dh.StartTime > ‘20191001’)
ORDER BY dh.CompletedTime desc

here’s my post from this morning:

Hi Sean

Really sorry that we’ve let this ticket languish for so long - it fell through the gaps unfortunately.

It does appear that this is very similar to Paul’s ticket - I’ll copy the reply here:

Looking into it, your surmise is correct - it does order by the created date here (nice sleuthing btw).

This is not ideal in the situation you have described. Talking to some team members who have experience in this area, it does appear that scheduled deployments weren’t fully taken into account in this implementation.

Now, we think we might have a solution to make the project dashboard show the correct data - it can and does make sense with the highlighting of the current and previous deployments on this view.

However, with the main dashboard, this shows things ordered by version (descending). We’re currently having some discussions internally about what the right behavior here should be.

Unfortunately, this is one of those areas that serves many masters. Changing it to suite one scenario often breaks it for someone else’s scenario.

We’ll continue to drill into it, and we’ll give you an update as soon as we’ve got some more concrete ideas.


Hi @seanl

As mentioned on Latest release logic based on DeploymentHistory Created date and not CompletedTime, we’ve got a fix in the pipeline and hoping to release soon.

Apologies for dropping the ball on communication here.

Hope that helps!