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We are pushing a .Zip package to Octopus server (v4.1.5) from a VSTS. This works great if the package size is less than 100Mb . If the package size exceeds 100Mb the package becomes corrupt. If we try to open the package (physically from octopus server package folder or downloaded zip) it gives error “The compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid” . The step to push package to octopus server completes without any error.

Interestingly if we push the same package (> 100 Mb ) to another Octopus server (we have two) it works great.

The octopus server (VM) having issues was created by taking a snapshot of the working octopus server VM and then duplicating the Database & updating the required configs.

Kindly suggest as this is blocking our deployments.


Hi Sachin,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the delay.

Odd situation indeed. The fact that it works on one machine and not in the other suggests that its very likely and environmental issue. Is there any chance you can try the below troubleshooting steps and share us the results?

  • VSTS creates the packages using Octo.exe pack. Can you try to create a package zip from your local machine using that same tool (with the parameter --format=zip), and then manually copy it to the two Octopus servers you have? Then try to manually open the packages by logging into the VMs. I’d recommend you to test both packages of >100mb and <100mb.

  • The same test as above, but this time create a nuget package using the parameter --format=nupkg


Hi Dalmiro,

The issue is now resolved. Incidentally it was a firewall issue across two azure subscriptions. So we move the VSTS build agent to Azure subscription which also hosts the octopus server.

Thanks for your support.


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Great to hear that, Sachin.


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