You can now use octo.exe to list and clean machines that are in a particular state in an environment which is useful for cleaning up cloud/transient/ephemeral machines that are Offline


I was looking at this:

It’s awesome , but would it be possible to specify a “tag/tags” also ?

Cause we have some projects that auto scale and some that don’t (but still sometimes turn off the servers) , … so we would like to be able to like
octo.exe clean-environment --environment=“environment name”
–status=Offline --tags xyz,abc,123 <-- tags

Hi Patrik,

Thanks for getting in touch! Currently (as we type!) we are developing an elastic environments feature set for Octopus. It will allow you to mark environments and machines as elastic, so when they go offline Octopus will delete them after X hours.
This should be pretty robust. It will mean regardless of tag or keyword it will work properly for you.

Due to this we probably wouldn’t make this change now or after. Also we do not currently have a tag concept (but we will with Multi-tenacy) so would that tag be based of name, role, etc on the machine.
Hopefully our up coming feature will make this need go away for you!


Thanks a lot Vanessa,

This sounds awesome! :slight_smile: Looking forward to that feature

Kind regards