XML Transformation Warnings still treated as errors


I’ve tried almost every article I could find on resolving this issue but have just not been able to. I have tried the following four variables at both the project level and as a Variable Set:

  • Octopus.Action.Package.OctopusTreatWarningsAsErrors = false
  • Octopus.Action.Package.TreatConfigTransformationWarningsAsErrors = false
  • OctopusTreatWarningsAsErrors = false
  • TreatConfigTransformationWarningsAsErrors = false

I’ve checked my raw logs and I see no indication that this variable is being taken into account like I have in the support threads. I have included a copy.

ServerTasks-147028.log.txt (23.3 KB)


Hi Joe,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’m sorry to hear you’re hitting this confusing behavior here. Your logs are reporting an error at The XML configuration file D:\Octopus\Applications\Release-Uha\olap.inteligenz.com\\Web.config failed with transformation file D:\Octopus\Applications\Release-Uha\olap.inteligenz.com\\Web.config.transform.

These are considered errors instead of warnings, so these variables set to false shouldn’t change the behavior in those regards. You can confirm if these variables are applying correctly by enabling debugging variables (OctopusPrintVariables and OctopusPrintEvaluatedVariables both with value of `True) in your project, and creating and deploying a new release.

The error in your log is reporting No element in the source document matches '/configuration/runtime/_defaultNamespace:assemblyBinding/_defaultNamespace:dependentAssembly/_defaultNamespace:bindingRedirect[@oldVersion='' and @newVersion='0.1.380.0']'.

It looks like this particular element doesn’t exist in your XML file, so you may instead want to do an Insert if it doesn’t exist. There’s an awesome tool made by AppHarbor to easily and quickly test config transformations that has been helpful to me in the past. :slight_smile:


I hope this helps! Let me know how you go or if you have any further questions moving forward.

Best regards,


Exactly, it’s being reported as an error despite being a warning, if you look a little further up in the log where it’s doing the transformation it is reported as a warning:

The transformation works fine at AppHarbor, that’s what I had been using to test it. I’ll give it a try with all the variables printed out as well.

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