Write-Host output doesn't appear in Octopus Log

Hi there.
I have a PowerShell script containing following lines:

  Write-Error ([Environment]::NewLine + "Enable Trigger step has failed. Read the output:")
  Write-Host $enableTriggerOutput
  Exit 1

After execution of this script in octopus log I see only output from Write-Error command and no output from Write-Host (or Write-Output).
What am I doing wrong?

Well, finally I was able to achieve my goal by moving Write-Output outside of code block, so the script looks like

$enableTriggerOutput = (cmd /C "some command" "2>&1") | Out-String
Write-Output ([Environment]::NewLine + $enableTriggerOutput)
if ($enableTriggerOutput.ToLower().Contains("failed")) {
  Write-Error ([Environment]::NewLine + "Disable Trigger step has failed.")
  Exit 1