Worker Sensitive Logging


I have been grappling with the best way I can keep my Sensitive Variables secure through out my Step template deployment. While I have managed to answer a whole lot of my own questions, there is one area I would love to clarify more on.

In situation that we run a script on workers, is there any logging or history that stored on the worker? For example Bash logs history and Powershell logs history. How does the worker handle this? Does it automatically flush this after its finished?

I have tried my best to find it, but I dont see any history from the worker. Does anyone else have insight into this?


Hi Stuart,

Thanks for getting in touch, and for the excellent question!

In this case as we are launching everything via script files, so nothing sensitive will be logged to the Powershell or bash history. We also take care to clean up the script files that are executed as soon as the execution has completed.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!


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