With "Offline Package Drop" the dashboard status does not reflect the actual environment

One thing I notice is that the offline packages show as deployed as soon as you generate the package, this is not necessarily true.
I don’t know what a solution could even look like, especially if you consider an environment could have both offline package drop and a standard tentacle (not sure why but you could)

Perhaps sometimes a package is delivered and for some reason it may NEVER be deployed, perhaps we deliver a staging and prod package (to speed things up in the case all is well with staging), and an issue is found in the staging package.

So far this hasn’t really caused any significant issues, but there has been small amounts of confusion where the octopus server says it’s deployed and it’s not.

Perhaps a manual step to say ‘done’ ?
Perhaps simply a different representation … like a package icon overlaying the green tick?

Hi Murray,

Thanks for getting in touch and thanks for your feedback!

We’ve raised the following UV ticket for the community to vote on if they think that is something they would like to see implemented in a future release.

I suggest you go and put in your votes and when/if it gains enough community support it will make it’s way onto our list of things to build in to the product.

Thank you and warm regards,