Windows Worker Tools missing AWS k8s auth

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Hi @RMcDC,

Thanks for reaching out and bringing this to our attention!

You’ll see a PR for resolving that issue has been submitted and so it should be available shortly.

Feel free to let me know if there are still issues or you have any questions.

Best Regards,

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Awesome. We’ll be actively looking for it but if you can also ping us here when it is published to Docker hub that would be great!

Do you know what tags will be updated with this container when it is pushed? i.e. is this a major/minor/patch update? I’m assuming patch, but just thought I’d confirm.


Hi @RMcDC ,

Sorry for this, we added a few more tweaks to this PR to improve the images, so it’s still progressing through the build pipeline. It should be 3.0.1 when it gets pushed to DockerHub.

@Justin_Walsh @finnian.dempsey
I see where the PR got merged but a new image doesn’t look like it was pushed to Docker Hub based on the last_updated values for the tags in the list and their images (and our Octopus health check is still failing when using the 3.0-windows.ltsc2019 tag).

Do you guys know when the Docker Hub tags will be updated with the new image?

Hi @RMcDC!

Just a quick update that the new tags got pushed to DockerHub last night, so you’ll find version 3.1 up there as of about 10 hours ago.

Hope this helps!

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