Windows Service via SSH on Ubuntu doesn't install

Hey guys, I’m trying to deploy a Windows Service (a TopShelf console app) via SSH on to Ubuntu Linux, in a custom install directory, and uninstalled/re-installed automatically.

The app gets deployed, but it doesn’t get installed as a service (Linux daemon or mono-service). The task log (except below) has no reference to Windows Service related stuff:

Stream transfer complete
Deploying package: [path to package]
Extracting package to: [path to package folder]
Extracted 50 files
Purging the directory [path to app]
Copying package contents to [path to app]
Copied 10 files
Adding journal entry: […]
Disposing SFTP connection…
Disposing SSH connection…

The build step settings looks fine as well.

Am I missing a step to get it working on Ubuntu?

Hi Nick,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Octopus Deploy has no built in support for installing / configuring services on linux, and by the look of it, neither does TopShelf.

I would suggest looking into mono-service to setup and run the service on linux.

Hope that helps!


PS - If you happen to write a step template that does this, it would be an awesome one to open source and add to the library!