Windows Azure SQL Database deployments

Just wondering if anyone has used Octopus Deploy with a Windows Azure SQL Database. How did you go about doing this? As far as I can tell you can’t use the Deploy a NuGet package step or the Deploy an Azure cloud service package step to achieve this.

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I am currently working on this, although. We have developed our database deployment with database migration concept using DBUp. Once NuGet Package is unpacked it is going to execute he TSQL migration scripts to target SQL instance.

I’ve been using sql compare to deploy scripts to an azure database for a while, it’s mostly very effective. I’ve simply wrapped the call to the sql compare command line tools in a powershell script. I then run that as a process in Octopus.

I was thinking that installing a tentacle on the deploy server you could have a Role for deploying against locally.

install tentacle on octopus server.
Create NuGet package with your database change scripts / migrations.
include a Deploy.ps1 script to do any file manipulations and then finally run your .exe to perform the database changes.

In this case as long as you configure you connection strings in Octopus or Using App.config any of the suggested solutions should work nicely.

@OctoTeam Thoughts? Are there any better suggestions?

Hi Brad,
As the other guys have pointed out, it essentially comes down to having a package with a deploy step which executes something like DbUp using whatever connection string you want. As pointed out this is described in our documentation at

If you experience any problems with this then please give us a yell.
Thanks also Rob, Rob & mevans for your replies