Will Polling Tentacle Pull latest Release

I have autoscalling amazon webservers that set themselves up as polling tentacles.

I have noticed that the tentacles will not receive the latest release if it was created before they registered with the Octopus server. Is this intended behaviour or have i misconfigured something?

I need them to take the latest release no matter how old it is because the servers may be built and torn down at higher frequency than versions are released.

Hi Timothy,

Thanks for getting in touch! Currently when you start a deployment it takes in all of the machines that match the environment and role. So even if a deployment was waiting for any active polling machines, any new ones to register in Octopus would not be deployed to, as they were not in the snapshot.

I also do not have a full response here. We have a feature currently in development called Lifecycles which allows for triggers. I still need to gather some information about if this situation will fit inside what is being developed. So I will have a discussion about this scenario and see if it will be a part of the trigger types.

Thanks for your patience.