Wiki needs to show better information on backing up the master key

For the PowerShell on this page it doesn’t mention that if you aren’t using the default instance you need to supply the instance name. It also doesn’t mention that with all the extra garbage that gets printed to the screen when calling Octopus.Server.exe you probably want to add --console --nologo --noconsolelogging to the end of your command after --instance $instanceName otherwise you will have a hard time isolating the master key in a programmatic manner. The old way of using a [arrayIndex] was failing for me on 3.7.x.


Thank you for letting us know. I’ve updated the documentation with the instance parameter and using the [-1] syntax, which refers to the last line.


Robert W

Thanks Robert, that should work even if the --console and --nologo options aren’t passed. It may also be compatible with Octopus 2.x which I discovered outputs the attribute name and value when called the way I was doing it.