Why does api/deploymentprocesses?ids= doesn't show the steps


I’ve been trying to discover and edit my deployment process of different projects but for some reason i can’t seem to get some projects to show there deployment steps.

When i make a call to /api/deploymentprocesses?ids= i only get a result showing me an empty deployment process. When i make a call to /api/deploymentprocesses i get some projects (max 30 deployment processes) with ‘items’ in the result, but only for a select number of projects.

It almost appears that only a select project can show it steps, but not all.

When i try to make a call to /api/deploymentprocesses?ids= with a project id which results from /api/deploymentprocesses it shows individual steps in the result, but not if i try a different project number.

Is there a cap on how many projects can show it steps using the API, and how is that max number determined?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Jeffrey,

You are right. By default the “deploymentprocesses” api defaults to using the following two query strings ?skip=0&take=30.

This means “Skip the first 0 Deployment Processes, then take the next 30.”

If you have a look at the screenshots you’ve provided, there is a section called “links” within the results of the deploymentprocess api call. One of the links, “Page.All”, shows you the api call to pull the full list of items is:

You should be able to append your deployment process api call with

This will give you the items that match the Ids specified.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.