While Import, old package jira issues are not getting linked

Hi Team,
I am trying to migrate my projects from Octopus server to Octopus cloud. The method I am following is, Exporting the zip file, saving it on my local and then Using Import function in Cloud, trying to import the zip file from local machine.
I had few projects where Jira issues are not linked, and I got no error while migrating those projects. However, one project has Jira issues linked in Octopus server, for that I am getting below error when I am trying to import:

Appreciate your help!

Hi Pallavi,

I’m very sorry that you’ve hit this issue. From the way you’ve described it, it seems like it could be a bug on our end. Let me try to reproduce the issue and then I’ll get back to you.


Hi Dane,
Thankyou for your quick response.
Please let me know once you have the solution for this one, as its blocking a lot of work.

Appreciate your help! :slight_smile:


Hi @pallavi.pushpam9,

Apologies for your wait here.

Would it be possible for you to share the project export you’ve created along with the password to import?

If you’re able to, please send me a direct message with the password and feel free to upload the export to our support files upload here: Support Files Upload.

Looking forward to hearing back.

Kind Regards,

Hi Pallavi,

Sorry for the delay. I have reproduced this bug and raised a public issue.

This will be triaged and prioritised internally. You can subscribe to the issue to get the latest updates as the fix for the issues progresses.



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