Which IP Address need for Hostname when creating Listing Tentacle for Deployment Target

Hi, I am abbas. I am new to Octopus I have some doubts host name side and which IP we need to give Private like localhost IP or public IP. I installed Tentacle on my local system.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @abbas.valuesol

If your Tentacle is locally accessible to your Octopus Server, then you could provide the Private IP address, however whatever IP/Hostname you choose to use, it needs to be able to communicate with the Octopus server through the correct port.

If you were to provide a Public IP address and the tentacle was hidden behind a NAT, you would likely need to use port forwarding rules to make sure your can resolve the host that the tentacle is installed on.

We have lots of good information and some great troubleshooting techniques in our documentation.

If you are still struggling after reading the documentation, please reach out again and provide as much detail including screenshots if possible.


Thank you for your reply. I changed my IP adress it’s working now

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Great to hear @abbas.valuesol,

Please feel free to reach out again with any other questions.
Happy Deployments!

Kind regards,

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