Where variables specific to deploy targets belong

Where do variables particular to specific deploy target servers belong ?

An example is cert thumbprints.

Currently I have these as project variables with the obvious repetition that’s not too scalable.

Hi @jgrandydev,
How are you using these variables? If you are using them across many projects, you may want to utilize Library Variable Sets which will allow for re-use and avoid repetition.

Also, you can store and use certificates in Octopus and assign them to variables as well if that meets your needs.

I hope this helps!


Hi Mark

We decided against storing certs in Octopus because we have an IT security group that updates expiring certs on the servers and they don’t know anything about Octopus ( and don’t want to ).

So for our IIS deploys we store cert thumbprints in Octopus project variables and update them as needed.

I’d like to migrate these variables to where there’s only a single instance.

So that’s why I thought perhaps it’s possible to create variables specific to deploy target servers.

Hi @jgrandydev,
Library Variable Sets would be your solution here. This would allow you to define the variable and then reference that library variable set within each project. The only caveat would be if you are using Spaces, but within a Space, you would have the one variable.

I hope this helps!

Happy deployments,