When working in same tenant variables are overwritten

Octopus version: 2018.12.0

Steps to reproduce

  1. Enter Tenant T with user A
  2. Go to variables for project P with user A
  3. Enter Tenant T with user B
  4. Go to common variables with user B
  5. Change a common variable with user B from current value 1, to new value 2 and save
  6. Change a tenant variable in project P and save

Current behaviour
Variables changed by user B is overwritten by the old values when user A performs a save.
Expected behaviour
Variables changed by user B are not overwritten, and variables changed by user A are still saved.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry about that, you have stumbled into a concurrency problem with Tenant Variables. We have plans to rework Tenant Variables to improve them in many ways, but it’s not something we’ve started work on yet.

I’m sorry I don’t have a good work around for you other than; warn your users to be careful when editing data that other users might also be.

If you need to recover what was put in, you can use the Configuration > Audit screen to see the other modification and pull the data from there.


Hi Nick,

Maybe you could at least add a warning that an update has happened in between you loading the page and hitting save? Should be a fairly quick fix.

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