When performing a Release, why does the "Acquire packages" step take a long time?


This may be related to my other posts [here] (http://help.octopusdeploy.com/discussions/questions/8191-when-creating-a-release-why-does-octopus-repeat-the-process-to-get-latest-version-from-teamcity) and [here] (http://help.octopusdeploy.com/discussions/questions/8195-when-viewing-a-release-why-does-each-package-say-loading-for-a-long-time).

Once I’ve created a Release, and waited for the nuget Packages to be obtained from the TeamCity feed, why, when I actually go to release to my environment, does the “Acquire packages” step take a long time? Is it downloading the packages again from the feed? Should it not already have done that at a previous stage and just load them from a cache?

See attached image for example.




Hi Artie,

As I’ve explained on This other ticket, Octopus starts to download the package only during the deployment in that “Acquire packages” step.

The speed of that would ultimately depend on 1) The size of the package 2) The network speed between the Octopus Server/Tentacles and the package feed.


Thanks for your response on this one Dalmiro.