When creating a Release, why does Octopus repeat the process to get Latest version from TeamCity

Octopus version 3.3.8

We version our Octopus deployment scripts in a nuget package within our Visual Studio project.

Our nuget deployment packages are published from our TeamCity build.

In our Octopus Release process, we use 5 different PowerShell scripts contained in the single DeploymentScripts nuget package.

Everything works fine, and we are generally delighted with our use of Octopus, but a question has arisen recently.

The question is, when creating the Release, why does it take time for each script in the DeploymentScripts package to retrieve the latest version? See attached picture as an example.

The process had already retrieved the Latest version for the first script in DeploymentScripts package. So why does it take the same length of time to get other scripts that are in the same DeploymentScripts package? See the “Delete” step - Octopus is still loading the version, but it should already know it, having already retrieved it for the other DeploymentScripts.




Thanks for getting in touch! The more common case for most users is that different steps use different packages, things are complicated further by some features such as channels which you may not be using. As such, the latest valid version check is run in parallel for each step as you have noticed. Grouping the checks where the package, and other factors we check, are common is definitely an optimisation we’ll look into for a future release.

You may which to add the idea to our Uservoice site, we consider Uservoice support when deciding how to best use developer time.

I hope that helps!


Hi Mark,

Thanks very much for your quick response.

I should’ve mentioned first time round that I’m not using Channels in this situation.

I didn’t realise the valid version check was run in parallel.

But it does look like it would be faster if Package <1> has already has its latest version checked, then other steps that use Package <1> could check locally first before checking the feed again.

As you suggested, I’ve added this idea [here] (https://octopusdeploy.uservoice.com/forums/170787-general/suggestions/14578266-during-release-creation-check-local-cache-first-f) to the Uservoice site.