What's the most efficient way to clone projects?

Was wondering if there is a documented procedure about “cloning projects” across different spaces.
As far I understood, doing it in the same space, it’s quite simple, but it’s a bit complex across spaces (we need to replicate variables/users/etc ?? ). Am I right? Is there anything I can use as reference?
My Octopus runs on premise (v2022.2 - Build 8351)

Hi @gabriele.guaglianone,

Welcome to the Octopus community, it is great to see you here.

We do in fact have a feature within Octopus (from version 2021.1) that allows you to export and import projects between Spaces or instances (please note when cloning to another instance, they should be on the same version).

Our documentation here shows you how to do this.

Just to note, you mentioned users, this feature is for project(s) only so it would not include users.

Here is a link for what is included as part of the process.

I hope this helps, do let me know if you have any questions.

All the best,

Hey Doug,
is the import/export a “move” between spaces? My scenario is:
I have 2 spaces, Space-1 and Space-2, I have a Project-X defined in Space-1, and I want the same project named eg Project-Y in Space-2. Basically, I want to copy-over the Project-X and all the related resources/variables. But it looks like Octopus is not “flexible” enough to make this action “simple”. I’m not an expert (at all) I’ve just started using it. Hope it’s a bit clearer my requirement.
Really appreciated your help.

Hey @gabriele.guaglianone,

No problem at all.

The Project import/export will clone not move a project into another Space (or Octopus instance).

So, for example, I have a project on Space-1 called “my-project”. Within Space-1 I go into projects and follow the export process.

Once this is done, I will be able to download a zip file containing all the project information locally to your desktop:


I then switch into Space-2 and then follow the Import process, here I add the zip file that contains my project (entering the password you set).


This project is now “cloned” into Space-2:


After the import, both projects are now in Space-1 & Space-2

I hope this helps.