What version of Java SDK does octopus use?

Where do I find the Java SDK version my Octopus is using.
We have both on prem Octopus and Octopus in Azure cloud.

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Micheal Power

Good morning @mikepower79,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support,

Unfortunately, there is nothing built into Octopus itself for you to be able to check what version of Java SDK you are using (if you are using it).

I assume this is regarding the Log4j vulnerability that was identified last week?

If you have written a custom integration to the Octopus API in Java, using the Java SDK 1, then you will want to update your integration to use the latest version of the module.

The Java custom integration was only released in September of this year so unless you have developed a custom integration with that then you won’t be affected by this vulnerability from an Octopus perspective.

I hope that answers your question but please reach out if you need any more details.

If you need anything else in the meantime please don’t hesitate to ask!

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Clare Martin

Hi @clare.martin,

Thanks for the feedback.
Yes its regarding the Log4j vulnerability.
No we have not written a custom integration into the Octopus API in Java.

Our Octopus in Azure is running on an AKS kubernetes cluster, is there a way to find the java SDK version on one of the pods??

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Micheal Power

Hi @mikepower79,

Thanks for getting back to me, if you have not written a custom integration into the Octopus API in Java you are protected against the log4j vulnerability from the Java SDK perspective.

The only other thing to look at would be if you use TeamCity as a package manager as the Octopus TeamCity Plugin is also vulnerable to the log4j vulnerability.

If you have TeamCity we recommend you upgrade to 6.1.9 or higher and that will protect you from the current log4j issue.

Anything else you need help with please reach out!

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