What version of calamari goes with what version of Octopus Deploy


We have an issue, or a bug, which looks like was fixed in this commit:

But I do not know what version of calamari this went in to or what version of Octopus we would need to upgrade to. We are currently at 3.2.3. What version of Octopus deploy should we upgrade to to have the above commit for calamari as well how can I in the future determine what version (tag) or calamari each Octopus Deploy release contains?


Hi Manny,
Looking at the commit i can see that the fix went into Calamari version 3.1.10. Going through the changes to Octopus Deploy it looks like this would have gone out in the 3.2.4 release.

You should be able to check the current calamari status of your tentacles by viewing the health check or deployment logs as this will print out the current version that the server has included (see screenshots).

One way you could ensure that you have this Calamari update is to upgrade to the latest version of Octopus Deploy. This fix was made back in November and we have had many more features and fixes included since then which you may also find useful.