What does the health check step do?

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I’m wondering if anyone can point me to the documentation of what the health check step actually does.
This step:

I’m also wondering what the difference is between these two options within the step if anyone is able to help:

I’ve found some details online suggesting that the health check checks the status of the octopus service (which is what i’m wanting) but i’m not sure if the ‘connection-only’ test does this or if a more thorough ‘full’ check is needed.

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The health check step performs the same function as the standard health checks used to confirm that deployment targets are available and in a healthy state.

The health check type will determine whether it runs the full health check script defined in the machine policy (calculating free disk space etc) or just a basic connection test.

This step is typically used in deployments that involve dynamic deployment targets that are created during the deployment itself. This step allows a deployment target that was just created in the current deployment to be confirmed as healthy and then added to the running deployment for future steps.

If you’re wanting to confirm that the tentacle service on a deployment target is running prior to attempting to perform an action against it, then this step should work for you.


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