What dictates Tenant deployment pace?

I am using a multi tenant setup and it is working awesome. I only have 40 tenants right now but this is ever increasing. Currently 5 deployments happen concurrently. What dictates this? The VM that I have running the deployments? How can I increase this number? Once I have several hundred tenants I see this taking a very long time.

Thanks for any input!

Hi Max,

Thanks for getting in touch! All deployments (not only tenanted deployments) are limited by the server task cap. Under Configuration -> Nodes you can see the task cap for your instance. By default it is set to 5 as our best estimate of the amount of tasks the server could run under minimum specifications. This can be increased, but it should be treated with caution. Increasing to 100 may mean your server and resources cannot perform that many simultaneous deployments. We cannot know how intensive your deployments or process could be, so our defaults are very conservative. You should be able to find a ‘sweet’ spot for your deployments that is enough running at once, but the Octopus Server is still responsive.

Hope that helps!

Awesome, thanks!