What Deployment Target should I use for an Azure Deployment under 3.2?


Quick question here on deployment targets and the new 3.2 way of working with Azure Cloud services and Web Apps:

In 2.6, we had to have a Listening Tentacle defined that handled the unpacking, repacking and deploying to Azure.

This changed in 3.0 so that we have “Azure Deployment Targets” with the processing happening on the Octopus server itself.

Now in 3.2 we are back to the Azure process steps, however according to the blog post announcing this states:

Octopus server will still run the deployments (no need for a separate Tentacle worker)

So I’m unsure what Deployment target I should add to the environment to as the available options of Listening, Polling, Offline or SSH don’t really seem to fit?



Hi Ben,

Thanks for reaching out. With the 3.2 method you don’t need a deployment Target. Just add the new Azure steps to your deployment process and deploy :). The steps will be executed by the Octopus server, but you wont need to install a Tentacle on it.

Hope that clears your doubt.


Cool, ok, I’ll give that a go.