Weird problem with Tenants

Can you please make this issue private? Because then I can paste some screenshots.

I have multiple tenants and also multiple tenants sets but when I select a specific tenant when creating a release, I get deployment targets that I do not expect.

I suspect that I only get the deployment targets that are linked to this tenant. However, I see more deployment targets here. To be specific, I have only 1 specific Tenant linked to 1 specific deployment target. So I only expect this target, but I get 4.

It seems that it has something to do with the Tenant Tags Sets, since the deployment targets that it will list do have the same tags.

However, I just want to deploy to this tenant, not the others with same tags. I know I can do that with “Include specific deployment targets” but I just can’t explain why the other targets are there.

Is this a bug?

So I am investigating this issue further, and what strikes me is that you can have Tenants Tags on tenants AND on deployment targets.

So my question is: what is the difference between tenants tags on tenants or on deployment targets? When should you use one or another.

In my case the tags are set on the target, and not on the tenant.

But it still feels like a bug. So when you have tags on the deployment targets, and you select a specific tenant for a release, the deployment targets aren’t right.

Now that I’ve moved all the tags from targets to tenants, it seems to work correctly.

Note to self: do not add tentant tags in the tentacle install wizard on the server.

Hi Gerjan,

Thanks for getting in touch.

I noticed that you sent an email to our support email as well so I’ve responded to that.

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