Weird problem with Octo push runner in TeamCity



We have a “Octo Push” step in our TeamCity project.

When we use %perforce_checkout_path%\package*.zip as the package path, we received error “Please specify a package to push”

But when we use wildcard to replace the actual path name - %perforce_checkout_path%***.zip, the step runs fine.

This is really odd. Any idea why this would happen?



Octopus Deploy version: v2018.8.5
TeamCity version: 2018.1.3 (build 58658)
Octopus Deploy integration plugin version: 4.39.4

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Hi @Ge, thanks for reaching out.

The Package paths field uses Ant style wildcards, which means that a double asterisk in this case will match zero or more subdirectories. So I imagine what is happening is the additional ** has found a zip file in a nested directory, and passed that to the push command. has some additional documentation on the Ant style path matching syntax.

Matt C


Hi Matt,

Thanks for looking into this.

The wildcard path make sense. But what I don’t understand is that why the exact path does not work.

Does it mean we have to use wildcard in the package path even though we know the exact path?

What if we have multiple sub-directories, and they all contain .zip file. How can we be specific about the package path?



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Hi @Ge

Exact path paths should work, so if they are not then there must be a mismatch between where the files are being saved and the paths that have been entered into the Octopus Team City plugin.

You can verify the location of files with a custom script step in the build like ls %perforce_checkout_path%. This will list the files in the build log and allow you to verify that the files exist in the expected locations.

Matt C


Hi Matt,

Thank you for looking into this.

I’ve tried the same operation in my test project but couldn’t reproduce the same problem either.

This ticket can be closed now. I’ll report back if further problem is discovered.



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