Webhook changed payload in 2019.x

After upgrading from 2018 (LTS) to 2019 LTS (2019.3.4 I believe) we’ve noticed that webhooks are slightly different.

In 2018, the “DeploymentQueued” event contained Deployment Id in the RelatedDocumentIds field. Now in 2019, only “DeploymentStarted” and “DeploymentSuceeded” events contain the deployment id. This makes it super-hard for us to figure out the details of a queued deploy. Since DeploymentQueued is the only of these events that contain the actual user initiating the deploy, it is now next to impossible for us to track “who deployed what” using Octopus webhooks.

I guess my question is: Is this a bug, or is there a reason for this change?


Thanks for getting in touch.

This is a bug and was fixed in 2019.5.9. The fix is included in the latest 2019.6.0 LTS, you should get deployment ids in the payload once again:

"Id": "Events-669"
0: "Deployments-284"
1: "Projects-1"
2: "Releases-81"
3: "Environments-1"
4: "ServerTasks-751"
5: "Channels-1"
6: "ProjectGroups-1"
"Category": "DeploymentQueued"

Hope this helps.


awesome, thanks for that.

yup that helped. Thanks!

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Thank you for reporting this! Had the same problem with the custom webhook I use to track deployments, and I only just now got around to investigating why it had broken. Glad to see it’s already fixed!

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