Webhook Authorization Http Header problem

Referring to https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/5090
This bug was claimed to be fixed in Octopus 2018.9.10.

We are using Octopus v2019.2.3 and we still see the issues. From the Diagnostics page, we see the following error:

Retrying subscription webhook notification attempt #1 faulted, retrying in 00:00:00.1000000: Misused header name. Make sure request headers are used with HttpRequestMessage, response headers with HttpResponseMessage, and content headers with HttpContent objects.

Hi Ryu,

Thanks for contacting us. It seems we have broken this as part of the spaces release. I’ve reapplied the patch and will be available in the next LTS release.

Cam MacFarland

Hi Cam,

We are currently using version 2019.2.3 (fast lane release). Do you know the version of the next LTS version you are referring to? We are worried about downgrading from 2019.2.3 to 2018.x.x will require database schema rolled back. Please advice.



Hi Richard,

The patch has been added to the 2019.2.6 release as well. The next LTS release should be 2019.3 and will also have the patch.


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