Web Deploy packages

Does Octopus have any sort of support for Web Deploy (aka MSDeploy) packages? The kind that you would normally deploy using msdeploy sync commands.

Hi Steven,

Thanks for reaching out.

One of the goals of Octopus is kind of to get away from the old MSDeploy model. So we do not have buil-in support for it. There are ways to make it work nonetheless:

  1. There’s a library step developed by the Octopus community to trigger MSDeploy deployments: https://library.octopusdeploy.com/step-template/actiontemplate-web-deploy-publish-website-(msdeploy) .

  2. In Octopus we have a say that goes “If you can pack it into a zip/nuget and run commands to install it, Octopus can do it for you”. So if you are able to pack your app and run MSDeploy sync the same way you’d do it from a regular command line, you should be able to orchestrate the same process from Octopus.

Hope that helps,

If I move away from MSDeploy packages, wouldn’t I lose all the other good stuff that comes with it? Mainly pre-compilation using Aspnet_compiler.exe and assembly merging using Aspnet_merge.exe.


Hi Steven,

Unfortunately those features wont be available if you stop using MSDeploy. There’s a Uservoice suggestion to add support for pre.compilation of ASP.NET Webapps. If you can give some votes to it, it will help building up a case to get that feature on the product.

There’s also a blog post that shows how to pre-compile the site and use it with Octopus, but I have to admit I haven’t tried it, so I cant vouch for it: http://chriseelmaa.com/octopus-deploy-precompile-asp-net-application/


That’s unfortunate and definitely a compelling reason to stick with MSDeploy despite of all its other flaws and bad integration with Octopus Deploy.

I think that the lack of interest in this feature mainly comes from not knowing that aspnet_compiler exists, or not understanding its benefits. You should take that into account when evaluating how important this feature is, because it is.

I gave the suggestion 3 votes. It now has 175 votes. Besides that, you should know that Google returns about 300 relevant results for octopus+deploy+aspnet_compiler.exe