Web.config should not be required for correct package


My web project was not being packaged correctly. The nuget only contained the assemblies from bin folder, and those were placed in the root of the package - no actual bin folder was created. All the other files from the project that are required for a valid web application were not packaged. It took me quite a while to finally determine the cause - I didn’t have a web.config file. The project had a web.config referenced, I just didn’t have an actual file on disk. When I created a file, the package was correctly created. Even if the project does not reference the web.config, the nuget will only be properly created if a web.config exists on disk.

I don’t see a reason why correct package generation should be dependent on the existance of web.config. Please remove this dependency. The project properties should be enough to figure out that this is a web application.

(I found http://help.octopusdeploy.com/discussions/problems/10977-octopack-as-web-project-without-webconfig which is the same problem, but that discussion is closed.)

Thank you.
TJ Kolev :slight_smile: