Web api: 500 internal error when requesting deployments for a release

Octopus Version:
We are having problems getting deployments throught the web api.

This request

gives us
“Links”: {
“Self”: “/api/projects/projects-2/releases/releases-2057”,
“Project”: “/api/projects/projects-2”,
“Deployments”: “/api/projects/projects-2/releases/releases-2057/Deployments”,
“Web”: “/releases/show/releases-2057”

But this request:
Returns a 500 internal error.
In fact, we get a 500 when requesting deployments for any release (or project) through the web api.

Hi Hans,

Thanks for the bug report, it will be fixed shortly in today’s release.


Hi Hans,

This is fixed in this release:


Awesome, Paul!

I have installed it on our system, and it works like a charm now.
Thank you for your fast response!

-hans olav