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Is there any way to find and replace the tags in scope? for example I have a project with all the variable scoped to Live environment. Now I need to just change the environment to QA there is no change for any variable and values. Currently I need to open scope for each variable and need to add environment as QA. Is there any simple way to do this.

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Hi Muhammed,

Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately there’s no built-in functionality to find and replace the scoping of a list of variables in this way. Besides your current method of opening each variable and adding the QA environment, this would need to be done via the API. I wasn’t able to find a sample script in our API repo to do this, however, but our API wiki may help provide a starting point.

If you go the API route, note that you won’t be able to copy sensitive variables in this way.

I’m sorry it’s not better news! Let me know if you have any further questions or concerns going forward.

Kind regards,


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Thanks Kenny

Do you know if there is any third party tool to do this

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Hi Muhammed,

Thanks for following up. Octopus.Client is a .NET library which is designed to make interactions with the API simpler, and it’s open source. This may be a better option, and I’d recommend reading a bit more about it in our docs. :slight_smile:

In the API repo page I previously linked to, there are some sample scripts using Octopus.Client as well!

I hope this helps. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions going forward.

Kind regards,


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