Warning issued when using Octopus extension in Azure DevOps

We are using the latest version of the extension available in the marketplace (v4.2.492) and have noticed that each time the task is used to execute an action in Octopus Deploy (e.g. create a release), a warning is issued:

[warning]This task uses Node 6 execution handler, which will be deprecated soon. If you are the developer of the task - please consider the migration guideline to Node 10 handler - https://aka.ms/migrateTaskNode10. If you are the user - feel free to reach out to the owners of this task to proceed on migration.

So here I am reaching out :slight_smile:

Is work underway to tackle this?

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for raising this.

We brought this to the attention of our integrations team on Monday and they are looking into the steps required to migrate currently.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the speedy reply.

That’s great news - I’ll keep an eye open for an update on this.


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That’s good news. We are also hitting this warning and treat warnings as errors :slight_smile:
I think most people will find out when it is too late.

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Octopus is now the only devops task in our pipeline that still throws a warning. The other task authors, including Microsoft, have all been updated. Would it be possible to get a timeline for this fix? We treat errors as warnings and are now mitigating the issue?
Maybe it will be part of a bigger release so it’s not for the coming days/week?

Thanks for the update

I’ve requested an update from the engineers and will let you know once I know more.


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