VSTS and On-Prem Octopus Recommendation

We’ve got Octopus running On-Prem and want to make use of the nice build system and tools in VSTS to build and package our builds. After we package our builds, we’ll need to push them to our Octopus server On-Prem which is currently unavailable (naturally) from the outside world. In order to move forward with this plan, we are seeing 3 possible options, but want to get from Octopus what the recommended solution is:

  1. Proxy and open up Octopus to specific Azure IPs on a specific port so that only VSTS can push the nuget package to Octopus.
  2. See if we can create a hybrid connection in Azure for VSTS and refer to Octopus that way (I’m not actually sure if this is even possible).
  3. Use a Docker VSTS build agents on prem to host the build process.

What is the Octopus recommended solution and why?

Thank you!

Hi Alan,

Thanks for getting in touch.

We’d definitely lean towards option 1. We don’t necessarily have a recommended approach, but we’d opt for a solution that is simple and robust, where things are easily traceable. In this case, you’d be able to easily test if the proxy was working and whether the Azure VMs were able to communicate through to Octopus etc.

Another similar option you could consider is hosting a VSTS package feed, push your packages to that, then have your Octopus on-prem server proxy and “reach out” to this VSTS feed.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for the information, that helps us decide the direction we’ll take.