Viewing an old step templates values

We have a situation today where someone updated a step template today and renamed some of the parameter names.

When going into a old step you are unable to see any of the previous values and are only given the option to update.

This means when I pressed the update button all of the previous values were lost and the fields were blank.

Luckily I managed to search through the audit logs back to where the values were updated last and re-add those copying and pasting from the JSON block but I still have a lot more projects to do this to.

I know there is the option not to update but in this case it was required.
Is there anyway you can see the previous variables without having to look through the whole audit log?


Thanks for getting in touch! If you are in Octopus 2.X, unfortunately there isn’t a way to do this. Since step templates can be exported as JSON, you could have them on your source control system. You could even use the Octopus API to automate the process of getting the raw JSON and submitting it to source control periodically.

In Octopus 3.0 we added a very cool tool that allows you to import/export your Octopus configuration (among it your deployment process and step templates). You can also use it from the cmd line to automate the process and add it to your source control system.