Viewing active deployment for a given project (not just latest attempt)

Scenario: You attempt to deploy a release of a given project to a given environment (say, production); that deployment has a manual intervention step, and that step is aborted.

Result: The dashboard shows the release # for the attempted release, but that it failed.

That’s useful, but what is the best way to see what release is currently deployed in a given environment after a deployment fails? I can:

  • View the deployment history for a given project, but that shows all deployments to all environments, which can be a pain to sift through if you only care about production and there’s a bunch of dev deployments in there.
  • View the history for a given release, but my active production release might several behind dev. Also, there’s no proving that you didn’t deploy 1.2 again after deploying 1.5 before, so I technically have to check every release to find the latest deployment to production.

Am I stuck "Ctrl-F"ing on the main project page for deployments to a given environment to see the latest successful (and thus currently active) one? That only shows a certain number of deployments, so in some cases you could be stuck paging through the audit logs, searching for the last successful deployment. There must be a better way.

Thanks for getting in touch Eric - unfortunately there isn’t a better option in the app currently from what you’re using, but this is on our radar and is something we intend to sort out in the near future.


Fair enough, I appreciate the candid info. Other than that minor gripe, the tool is great!

Isn’t there even a way of doing this via the command line?

I know that there is octo.exe list-latestdeployments. Can I trust that the first deployment there with State=Success is the latest version deployed?


Thanks for getting in touch! list-latestdeployments does order them via most recent date.