Versioning of Variables

Hi guys,
Consider the following use case: we released application v1.0 into production. Later on a tester finds a bug and we have to reproduce that bug in our DEVenvironment. We would like to deploy our application to DEV with the configuration that was in past. But the configuration (values of variables) has been changed since the release.

There is a question from my side - is it possible to deploy previous version with the configuration that existed in past? Is it possible to check history/changes in configuration (with comments like in version control systems)? If answers to either question is “no” - do you plan to implement such functionality?

Hi Anton,

This is a great suggestion. It’s not currently possible with Octopus, so I’ve added it to the backlog:



Did this feature make it to Octopus version 3?

Hi Tor,

Thanks for getting in touch! Versioning of variables is possible using source control and Octopus Data Migration. Using our export feature, you could export into JSON files and store those in source control (be aware that sensitive variables will be encrypted).

Hope this helps.