Versioning Octopus changes in source controll

Is it possible to track every change in Octopus in a VCS? For example Perforce.


Thanks for reaching out. What kind of changes are you looking forward to keep track off in Perforce?



Actually every change. For example parameter changes. Octopus works perfect for us but the only negative impact I’ve found is that we now longer have the environment configuration changes tracked in Perforce.

Hi Anders,

Bad news is that this doesn’t exist out of the box. Good news is that Octopus exposes pretty much everything through its REST API, so you could write a service that queries whatever you’d like to monitor, and then submit the changes to your VCS.

Our Audit page is a good example of what kind of changes you can track down . The Audit page doesnt show everything you can check through the API though. For example you can also get Project Variables values and Deployment Processes changes using the API.

If you need help getting specific information using the Octopus API, you can always ask us right here on this forum.

Hope that helps you getting some ideas on how to achieve this.



I might be going a bit ahead of ourselves here, but dropping the idea wont hurt :):

When we switch to SQL on Octopus 3.0, you could setup triggers to table changes and submit the changes to your VCS.

Again, just dropping an idea.